My shooting partner

Dienstag, 9. Januar 2018

Hello everybody

I wish you all a Happy New Year. You get a new year, you get a new start, you get a new opportunity. Take risks, leave your comfort zones and learn to focus on positive energy!   

As you can see I had a shooting partner. The funny thing is few years earlier I was really afraid of dogs. I couldn’t walk next to them. I had no explanation for my fear. Fear is nothing more than obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward, stronger and wiser within ourselves.

Three years ago I participated on a English language program in Dublin. In the application i wrote down that I preferred a host family without pets. Sadly, when I arrived in Dublin a Pitbull waited at the door entree. When I saw him I realised that I have to face my fear because otherwise I couldn’t enjoy my stay in Dublin. After three weeks I had a big buddie. He was so charming, gentle and loyal. Dogs give us pure love without a thought of receiving anything in return. 

Something the human beeing can learn from...



Photographer: Elina Peter 

overknee boots

Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Hello everybody 

In the past few weeks it was to cold to wear a dress and overknee boots. Today the sun is shining and I decided to grab my boots and present this outfit. I bought them in Reno, but you can find them also in every other online shop. I wasn't sure if I should post it, but yeah, here I am. This outfit is a little bit tempting, but I'm really feeling it. I can literally touch my inner fire. It's because of the boots. They give you that confidence and I absolutely recommend them to you all.
Sometimes I ask myself as a woman: Is it allowed to show your inner fire without being criticized at the same time because it's mostly seductive? Yes? No? Why is it such a big deal in our culture, when women show her inner light? Why she has to hide her femininity instead of shining, spread love and being pure with oneself?

And you know what, I finished asking.
 I started to LIVE. Our lives are limited. Don't waste your time by focussing on other people's opinion. It's none of your business. 
In the end people just regret the things they didn't do. Not the things they did.

So if you want to feel your inner fire go for it! 

Touch it! Let it burn! It's allright to be a woman!

Photographer: Elina Peter 

It´ s all about Faux Fur

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Hello Goldies, 

I am back…<3

When I saw this faux fur coat in “only” I fell in love with it. There was only one left in my size so I grabbed it as fast as I could. This coat is awesome, because it doesn’t just look stylish, it keeps you warm too. I wear it with black jeans, a crop top and with black boots or heels. My friends and even some teachers from my school call me sometimes Diva. So sad I know -.-. But wearing this coat, you really get that feeling of being a Diva. My friend told me I look like “Cookie”. (Leave a comment down below if you know who I’m talking about.) However, this outfit would look perfect if you combine it with sunglasses and a hat. Normally I am not a faux fur lover, but after spending some time on ‘’we heart it’’ I found numerous inspirations and I started to get obsessed with faux fur pieces. This kind of style is very noticeable but who cares, right? Just be extraordinary and you will be beautiful in your own unique way.

Thanks for reading and see you soon
Till’ next time Goldies!

Photographer : Tanja Sanchioni

Business Look

Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Hello Goldies

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff. I am so sorry that I missed few months of uploading. I am working on a new design for my blog, because I try to make it more professional.
At the beginning I wanted to do “how to style dark red skinny jeans”, but then I realised, they were in the washer. So I will upload this post later in this month. Be excited. I quickly decided to go with this outfit and surprisingly I liked the look, even though I am not the kind of business woman. I decided to go with dark skinny jeans, because fall is for me all about dark colours, like dark brown, dark red (my favourite colour) and even dark blue and dark green. I borrowed this nude colour bag from my mother, because I tough it will match perfectly. I went with this white shirt, which is actually a dress, that I transformed in to a shirt and in addiction you must wear a blazer and heels and your business outfit is finished.
 I promise you, that I will post regularly and get excited for the changes

Thanks for reading and see you soon 

Photographer: Molinaa Kilbert